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Heyas! Toronto Furry is a community for fans of anthropomorphics - from suiters to artists to fans to musicians to whatever! - that has been around since the early 90s and is still very active! People who live in the GTA and surrounding area and are interested in furry can sign up here to get connected to the community!

We ask that you read the following before you make your first post though :)


Easy! Just write it up and send it to! From there it will be sent to all the members of the list.


So, you wanna post to the list, eh? Well, I suggest you either contact me, Potoroo (, and ask what kinds of things you should say, or lurk on the list for awhile. The traffic can go from a couple of posts a week to multiple posts in one day, so sometimes it's easier just to ask then to wait and see what people are talking about. Your first post should be short and sweet: tell us where you are, what your furry name is (you don't have to tell us your real name if you don't want to, I mean, we're all furries!) and maybe a bit about yourself. If you'd like to chat with people, drop your ICQ, AIM, which mucks you're on, whatever! Or just ask people to respond to your email address. Simple!


This list is rated PG-13, which means please keep obscene language and situations off the list. This includes 'four letter words,' sexually suggestive comments, or any sort of discussion that could be considered harrassing. That said, we're furry, so as long as the rest of the post has some 'meaning' to it, go ahead and post a snuggle if you like, or a scritch, or something affectionate. Keep it PG please.

Also, it 'is' a mailing list, which means each time you post you're posting to 200+ people. If you only want one or two people to read your message, send it to those people. If you are unsure if the message is suitable, please contact Potoroo. Spamming people isn't nice, so make sure you're posting for a reason, not because you're bored or the squirrel outside did something funny.

Follow the rules of nettiquette: respect the members of the list, NEVER respond to the list in anger, avoid 'Same here' or 'Yes' messages, and if it's best left to private email then email privately.


That said, there are some rules specific to the list. Sometimes furs try to be 'helpful' to the list and instead harm it, so we ask that you do NOT do any of the following:

1) Forward any message, including the email addy, to another forum or with some sort of spammy forward email. This could open us up to be spammed.

2) Subscribe this list to another mailing list...someone thought that would be fun one day and it took a long time to fix the damage.

3) Click the 'unsubscribe me from this list' button on spam sent to the list..that just lets them know we're here.

As for other regulations...let me deal with disputes on list...if you're really upset by something, take it to the debates list or take it to private email. If I miss something, don't hesitate to poke me and let me know what's up!

If we have too many cooks in the kitchen the food will get burned. Also, avoid posting incendiary messages...this list is supposed to be a positive comfortable community for furs in the Toronto area, not a place to show what Something Awful has said about furry or to spout personal views on what furries should be like. It's also not a place to bring personal conflicts...if you're having a problem with another furry, we don't need to know about it. It's a diverse social community, so lets not make things political. If you're unsure about something, ask me:


There are two other lists in the TorFur group: events and debate:

EVENTS is where you subscribe if you don't care to hear about furry goings on or see multiple responses, and just want the lowdown on an event in Toronto. It is spam free and very low-traffic. Subscribe by going to the following web page:

DEBATE is the place to take the more controversial we can discuss issues that effect furries, or world events from a furry perspective, without bothering the people who just want to see events or chat happily. Subscribe by visiting this web page:

So, there you have it. Have any questions? Send 'em to Potoroo at

Thanks for choosing TorFur...or did TorFur choose you? OOOOH! DEEEEP!

Local Toronto/Ontario Furry Cons For Your Consideration!

Camp Feral! - The first Canadian furry con (started in 1998), the first furry outdoor con, the only furry summer camp, the fourth oldest furry convention in HISTORY! Enjoy the wilds of Algonquin Park surrounded by furry friends along with activities, events and workshops to fill your time! Find out more at

Furnal Equinox: Toronto's Furry Convention! Started in 2010, it is already Canada's largest furry convention! With new themes and special guests each year, find out more at

Condition Furry: Starting in 2010, and held in London, Ontario, one of the most unique events in the fandom! A 'story con,' each year the theme continues a story arc that began in year one! Catch up and find out more at

What The Fur: Maybe not local, but still a Canadian con within driving distance, What The Fur takes place annually in Montreal! Find out more at

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